Places to Visit Near Trick Eye Museum

When visiting the trick eye Museum, in Singapore, visitors have varied options to plan the day and visit other attractions which are within a walking distance or a short drive away. Visitors can find theme parks such as Universal Studios where they can meet and greet their favourite celebrities while enjoying thrilling rides. Do not miss out on visiting Madame Tussauds to take selfies with your favourite celebrities.

When looking for adventurous things to do near the Trick Eye Museum, visitors can often get confused by the choices they have. One of the top attractions is the iFly Singapore, wherein visitors get a chance to fly at a height of 12.000 feet. They can also head over to the Skypark and dare a bungee jump from a whopping height of 47 meters above the ground. If visitors are just looking to enjoy and explore during the vacation, they can head over to the Palawan beach to sunbathe and enjoy the stunning view of the turquoise blue lagoons. Amongst attractions near Trick Eye Museum, Sentosa Island tops the list, which attracts millions of visitors every year. From activities that are suitable for everyone in the family, to activities for adventure lovers who are looking for that adrenaline rush, Sentosa island has everything. They can also visit Dolphin island if they love marine creatures and want to learn more about these intelligent animals and take amazing pictures while getting up close with them.

Universal Studios Singapore Entrance
Universal Studios Singapore

One of the top attractions for movie lovers, Universal Studios is home to many amazing movie characters. This amazing theme park is a one-stop destination for families, for it has attractions for everyone to love. If the visitors would love to seek an adventure, they can enjoy thrilling rides such as the world's first dueling roller coaster, the Battlestar Galactica, or take their kids to meet their famous animated characters like the minions and Elmo from Sesame Street. With many zones such as Hollywood, New York, ancient Egypt, the lost world, and Madagascar, the visitors will find interesting stories, sets, and activities to do in Universal Studios Singapore.

adventure Cove waterpark Singapore
Adventure Cove Waterpark

Beat the heat and head over to Southeast Asia's only aquatic and marine life park with many adrenaline-pumping rides and water activities that will engage you completely.. Snorkel in the rainbow reef and enjoy looking at over 20,000 tropical fishes, and do not forget about Asia's first hydro magnetic coaster. The Adventure Cove waterpark also has a zone for the kids to enjoy called Bluewater bay. One of the most famous attractions here is the Dueling racer where visitors can head over to take a pipeline plunge and experience a thrilling free fall from an elevated chute, and land directly into the water.

madame tussauds Singapore star
Madame Tussauds Singapore

Another top attraction for art enthusiasts and movie lovers is to head over to the Madame Tussauds museum to look at the real-life-sized wax statues of their favourite celebrities. The Museum has many zones and the visitors can enjoy many experiences like meeting and taking selfies with their favourite celebrities in various sections, such as Hollywood, music, A-list parties, historical celebrities, and sports, among many more. They can also head over to experience the only 4D Marvel experience in Asia and then hop on the first-ever boat ride in Madame Tussauds called "Spirit of Singapore". This 3-minute magical boat ride will take visitors on a journey through fantasy, tropical gardens, and Changi international airports among many others.

iFly Singapore

If looking for an adrenaline rush and a challenge, head over to the world's largest indoor skydiving wind tunnel. iFly Singapore will let the visitors experience a free fall through a 5-storey high and 16.5 ft tunnel which will give them the thrill of falling from a plane from 12,000 feet high in the sky. Visitors are trained by professional instructors who will help them with a pre-flight demonstration and teach them about safety precautions. Visitors will also be given a flying suit and safety gear before the activity. Another primary reason to try this is to witness the stunning view of the south china sea and the Siloso beach while enjoying flying in the iFly Singapore.

Skyhelix Sentosa Singapore.jpg
SkyHelix Sentosa

Another top attraction for adventure lovers, the Sky Helix Sentosa is an open-air ride that will take the visitors to the highest vantage point on Sentosa island, which ascends in a spiral manner. Visitors will get a chance to ascend down a 79-meter thrilling fall above sea level and look at the panoramic 360-degree view of both Sentosa and the southern island on this ride. One of the best times to try this ride is after the sunset when the spiral ride is illuminated with LED lights which makes it even more magical. The visitors can also visit the snack bar at the attraction to grab a quick bite after experiencing the fun ride.

Aj Hackett
Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett

Not an activity for a faint heart, bungee jumping at the Skypark Sentosa by AJ Hackett is one of the adventurous spots in Singapore where the visitors can jump from a crazy height of 47 meters at the Skypark Sentosa. The experience, which lasts a few seconds, is an unforgettable experience where visitors can feel a major adrenaline rush at the specially designed decks and roof to experience the impact of the jump. Visitors are also allowed to jump in style with varied options such as falling forward, or backward, creating your style. They can also enjoy the stunning view of the Siloso beach while you prepare for your jump.

Skyline luge sentosa
Skyline Luge Sentosa

Skyline Luge Sentosa Skyride is one of the most adventurous and fun activities on Sentosa island which can be experienced by all ages. The 4-seater chairlift will take the visitors through tracks full of curves, tunnels, and turrets which are pulled completely by gravity and will provide them with a spine-chilling experience. The Skyline Luge Sentosa has four trails; namely the Kuppu Kuppu Trail, Expedition Trail, Jungle Trail, and Dragon Trail, which are suitable for different adventure levels for everyone in the family respectively.

wings of time singapore2.jpg
Wings of Time

Head over to the Wings of time to witness an amazing show at Sentosa which depicts the mythical tales of Shahbaz and friends in 3D. The 3D epical mapping, state-of-the-art laser lights, and robotic water fountains make the show magical and will take the visitors right into a world of fantasy. Visitors can also get an opportunity to learn more about the British industrial revolution through these stories, which take them through the Mayan Pyramids, the Underwater world, and also the African Savanna. One of the most popular spots for families; kids will enjoy this experience and the fireworks at the end of this 20-minute show.

Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure
Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure

One of the most fun ways to witness the amazing landmarks in Singapore is going on a Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure ride. Visitors can have an opportunity to stroll around the area through interconnected cycle tracks and look at some of the most famous attractions like Silosa, Tanjong, and Palawan. Visitors have to reach their destination at least 15 minutes before the time to attend a brief session with a professional guide who will help them on their unique journey.

Fort Siloso
Fort Siloso

One of the most well-preserved coasts in Singapore, Fort Siloso is one of the most iconic sights and a military museum that is home to many WW2 memorabilia, the remains of fortified military tunnels, and many video documentaries. Visitors can also enjoy looking at and admiring the wax statues of Japanese and British soldiers at the Surrender chambers. The Fort siloso road is also known to have the largest physical artwork ever created, over 230m long.
Dolphin Island

A top attraction for animal and wildlife lovers, head over to Dolphin island and get an opportunity to not only witness but also swim and interact with these intelligent animals. Visitors can find the Indo-pacific bottlenose dolphins in the discovery section and get an opportunity to learn more about their habitat, eating habits, and migration patterns. There are many such zones and the visitors can also get close to these fantastic lively animals to interact with them and also take some lovely pictures to cherish the moment forever.
Palawan Beach

If looking to get away from your hectic life, then one of the best places to visit in Palawan beach. One of the most visited tourist destinations in Singapore, Palawan beach is known for its scenic view and is a haven for swimmers. If visiting with family, the beach is ideal for kids and they can get an opportunity to enjoy water-based activities. The beach is also home to many cafes and restaurants where visitors can try and enjoy local seafood cuisine. The most amazing part about Palawan beach is its turquoise waters of the lagoon, which is a sight to behold.